Interested in finding out a little about the person behind Write On Media? My writing career actually began in grade school when my next-door neighbor and I decided to write a newspaper for our street. It was a rather ambitious endeavor and I'm not sure it lasted beyond a couple editions, but it's fair to say I was hooked!

More than a few years after the neighborhood newspaper I started college. I absolutely loved my small liberal arts campus and felt even more at home in my first Public Relations class. In one quick semester my professor taught us the fundamentals of writing for Public Relations and Marketing. And, oh my goodness, I knew this was the spot for me.

I graduated with a degree in Mass Communications and have been working in the Public Relations and Marketing industry in one way or another for almost 20 years. I've worked with agencies, a newspaper, small businesses and a couple non-profits too. In 2011 I also received my Masters Degree in Strategic Communication. All this gives me (and you) a varied background and tons of experience writing for all types of industries.

When not writing, networking or trying to figure out the next social media algorithm I am hanging out with my husband, Scott and two energetic and spunky girls, Bailey and Harper. We're usually running to softball, cheer or catching the latest animated feature. No matter what we are up to, they keep me on my toes for sure.

I've always loved listening to peoples' stories. In fact, I think I might have a special gene or something because not only do people seek me out to talk to, they also seem to completely open up to me. You might say it's a calling of sorts and I've decided to run with it. And, it has brought me to today. Ready to work with you and deliver writing that shines! Not forced or contrived. Not stuffy or boring, but you at your best - period.