Why is my bio important?
Potential customers are researching you and your business daily. They often determine your credibility and level of expertise within the first three seconds of learning about you. Three seconds! It's critical for your knowledge to shine through the clutter immediately and prove you are the professional they are seeking with an up-to-date and relevant biography that's easy to read while also highlighting your strengths.
What is a news release and how can it help my business?
A news release is written and typically distributed via email to share noteworthy information with the news media and community leaders. Topics include: special events, new hires, business accomplishments, and upcoming partnerships.
Why would I pay someone to write for me when I can do it myself?
Let's be honest, it's hard to write about yourself. Especially when you are trying to share your story and expertise. An outside perspective is sometimes exactly what is needed to get the process going or finish it off!
Why should I communicate to my customers?
You can't control when people need your products or services, but you can control how often you reach out to them. Regular communication with your customers increases their awareness of you and what you have to offer. If your communication with them is consistent (but not annoying) you will remain top-of-mind and their go-to when the need arises.
Why do I need to find my voice?
In today's digital landscape it's common to connect online long before meeting in person. Writing with a particular style, or voice, provides the opportunity to set you apart from your competitors and allows for a glimpse into your unique personality.